Our Story

Ryan Toni Jones and Carlene Williams. JW Toni & Co. Esthetician owned and ran. Our story was created after years of searching to find products that catered to sensitive skin. My Fiancé and I spent a long time searching for products that had mild ingredients but only found misleading labels and false promises by big brands to deliver results that was unattainable. Our failed search to find products that addressed skin sensitivities lead us to choose natural options rather than utilizing commercially processed products that caused increased sensitivities and skin breakouts. We are big advocates for skin care and the preservation of skin health, so with these principles in mind, we decided to start our own natural skincare company.

As a Licensed Esthetician owned skincare company, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality and naturally sustained ingredients. We have hand selected and incorporated the highest grade herbs, oils, butters and minerals to give our customers the most moisturizing, nourishing and healing product possible. All our products are free of Parabens, Formaldehyde Donors, Sulfates, Petros, Alcohol, Ethoxylates, Nitrates, Artificial Colors and Fragrances and we’re cruelty free.

Our mission is to educate our customers on the importance of using naturally sourced ingredients, the proper use of products and how to better assess their skin and their skin needs which will then bring forth better results.